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P for Papandreou

Posted: Νοέμβριος 5, 2011 in The politics of ecstacy
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Peek-a-boo! In plain sight, a prominent parliamentary member, cast preposterously as both prime minister and pall bearer by a perversion of the plebiscite.

This person, no mere patrician of politics, is a president of PASOK, now provocative, polarizing. However, this perfidious puppet of propagandist poachers stands poised, and has pledged to perpetrate this predatory and perverse policy pertaining to past procurements and to preserve the pestilential patronage and phony piety of plutocrats.

The only point is power; a power held as possession, not in provision, for the pressure and punishment of such shall one day pulverize the piteous and the poor.

Precisely, this plethora of prose points most poignantly to parody, so let me simply add that it’s his pleasure to pick-pocket you and you may call him Papandreou.